>OS: Ubuntu 11.04
>Arch: AMD64
>Desktop Manager: Gnome 3

>I recently blew away my Ubuntu 10.10 and installed 11.04.  
>Not liking Unity, I figured I would try Gnome 3.  After 
>getting Gnome 3 set up, I downloaded babl,gegl, and gimp 
>tarballs and proceeded to install all sorts of dependencies
>(required and many optional ones) via apt-get packages. 

>I then 
>compiled babl(0.1.4), gegl(0.1.6), glib(2.29.8) gtk+(2.24.5) 
>and finally gimp 2.7.3(note that all the above are from 
>the gimp.org ftp site.   Prior to compiling gtk+, gimp 
>failed on the make with some really strange errors(sorry... 
>I don't have them any more) which is why I compiled my own 
>copy.   Also note, ALL of the above were compile into a 
>different prefix with :

>./configure --prefix=/home/joefrazierjr/opt

>Once I finally got GIMP compiled, I can see my tablet 
>in the input devices, but they are greyed out along with 
>all of the below: 
>SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad
>Virtual core XTEST Pointer
>Wacom Bamboo Fun 6x8 cursor
>Wacom Bamboo Fun 6x8 eraser
>Wacom Bamboo Fun 6x8 pad
>Wacom Bamboo Fun 6x8 stylus

>The ONLY thing that is NOT greyed out is Core Pointer.  

>The main reason I complied is because for whatever reason,
>the PPA package available does not also install Python(but
> does let the tablet work), so I am kind of stuck here.

>Note that I am comfortable with "using" the shell, but am 
>a power user in linux, so please assume that I know nothing
>about linux in any replies.  Also, if I need to remove, any 
>of the compiled code and recompile, I assume running "make clean"
>will fix it up correctly?  

>Note, my Bamboo Fun works fine in MyPaint(with pressure sensitivity,
>etc), so the issue is with either GIMP compile itself or GTK apps
>in general(I have no idea if MyPaint is GTK or not so someone might be
>able to rule that out).

>Also, I still have the build folders, so if I need to link to any of
>the config.log files, please let me know and I will put on my dropbox.

>Thanks or any help!
Hi Joe,
Here's how I installed Gimp-2.7 in Gentoo.

I don't like to install to a /home directory.

gerard82 (via gimpusers.com)
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