On 08/31/2011 08:31 AM, jfrazie...@nc.rr.com wrote:
> Once I finally got GIMP compiled, I can see my tablet 
> in the input devices, but they are greyed out along with 
> all of the below: 
> SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad
> Virtual core XTEST Pointer
> Wacom Bamboo Fun 6x8 cursor
> Wacom Bamboo Fun 6x8 eraser
> Wacom Bamboo Fun 6x8 pad
> Wacom Bamboo Fun 6x8 stylus
> The ONLY thing that is NOT greyed out is Core Pointer.  
I suspect this is a wacom driver problem of some sort, but the folks
that can really help are on a different mailing list wacom-discuss.  If
you follow the link below you can sign up to it.


They are HUGELY friendly and responsive.  They'll ask for some information, 
maybe then for some more information and pretty quickly they will diagnose the 
problem.  You'll be happy!


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