If you are trying to start a flame war, please just move along.

TBH I don't understand this.

I started using GIMP about 4 years ago. Since then I have used a variety 
of other image editors including Photo Shop - not for extended periods 
of time, mind you. I have found that once you learn one advanced raster 
image editor swapping around from one to another is not difficult _at all_.

Also you will find that by moving from one software package to another, 
there are differences that can be slightly irritating. Don't believe me? 
Try some CAD software. I usually get a little laugh when I rotate 
instead of pan (or something similar) after an absence of using that CAD 

IMO the fact is that if you want to use multiple software packages (even 
unrelated ones like GIMP/Photo Shop and AutoCad) you have to be willing 
to deal with some incompatible user interface issues. And even these 
issues are minor for the most part.

-Stefan Maerz
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