On 09/03/2011 04:00 AM, goy genius wrote:
> Dear Gimp,
> Sorry if this is rude...
> I used GIMP 5 or 6 years ago and was unimpressed.
> I used it over the past few days and was unimpressed.
> I want to get away from windows but I can't because quite frankly GIMP 
> is crap and I *need* photoshop. 

If you need Photoshop, run it under Wine. CS3 and CS5 run very well 
according to the Wine Compatibility list:

> I could never use this buggy junk pile over photoshop...  I can't even 
> list the reasons. For f***s sake you could at least make some of the 
> keyboard commands the same, WHY NOT? ARE THEY PATENTED??

The crux of Open Source software is collaboration. This is an 
interesting question. Why don't you try to find the answer for us?

> Is pragmatism a word that is lost on all of the Linux "community"?
> Here is a piece of advice if you actually want to people to use your 
> software in any siginificant numbers...

Doing so would certainly draw Gimp into the shallow waters of patent 

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