Hi all.
I'm using gimp 2.6.10 on ubuntu 10.10. I have a layered psd that has been 
edited using a CMYK colour profile. I'd like to open it. When I try, gimp gives 
me the error:

Error loading PSD file: Unsupported color mode: CMYK

Googling around gets me some interesting solutions. One is to use imagemagicks 
'convert' to create each layer as a png. When I tried this, I got a whole bunch 
of generically named layers. Most of the conversions had failed, resulting in 
transparent png's with no content.

I found this thread, nearly three years old, on ubuntuforums:

One of the solutions proposed in it is to use a seperation filter that that has 
been created as a plugin. I found the homepage for such a plugin. It had a 
warning that the plugin should not be used, with a broken link to a better one 
to use.

I also found this:

This provides some information on the issue, and a link to a plugin package to 
help remedy. However, the plugin is about four years old.

Is this a solved problem yet? Is it possible to open CMYK psd's in gimp?

bobdobbs (via gimpusers.com)
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