On 09/18/2011 03:51 AM, berniek wrote:
> I have checked the roadmap for GIMP and I have seen that the Unified 
> transform tool can be expected in version 3.8. (ugh)
> Now what I would like to ask is there any tool or plugin for GIMP that can 
> transform my selections? Or is there any open source image editor that can do 
> it.
> I'm not an artist and just for this I have to use Photoshop. For me PS is an 
> overkill for just cutting up an image.

I don't really know what you have in mind with "selection". In Gimp the 
"selection" is an ambiguous term that designates either:

- the "selection mask", which tells which pixels are selected
- the selected pixels.

So, "transforming a selection" is either selecting different pixels (1st 
case), or acting on selected pixels (2nd case). In Gimp you can do either.

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