I'm looking for exactly this fucntion:

> transforming selections
> In any selection tool, in ‘marching -ants state’ (nothing hairy happening), 
> either  the pending selection or else (each, in a multi-selection future) 
> committed selection shall have a transform icon—Image:Transform_icon.png, 32 
> pix diameter, 25% opacity—associated with it on-canvas. Clicking it shall 
> invoke the transform mode: [snip]

This is from the GIMP roadmap. And is planned only in version 3.8 it's the 13th 
on the TODO list.

So this is the functionality why I'm searching for a image editor that is easy 
to use for non-artists, or at least not hard to learn. :) Or a plugin for GIMP 
that can do this.

berniek (via gimpusers.com)
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