On Wed, Sep 21, 2011 at 12:19 AM, john Culleton wrote:

>> GIMP only got PDF exporting in upcoming v2.8. This exporter uses
>> Cairo. Cairo doesn't support CMYk and spot colors. Therefore
>> requesting CMYK PDF exporting will start making sense only after Cairo
>> gets support for CMYK  and spot colors.
> I am reminded of my old sergeant in Korea who told me: "Young
> soldier, don't tell me why you can't do it---tell me how you did it."
> Scribus does CMYK. Scribus also uses Cairo.

Scribus doesn't use Cairo for PDF output, it uses its own custom library.
It was ever so. Cairo is used only for display output.

> If Gimp ever hopes to compete on an even keel with PhotoShop or even
> Scribus it should offer CMYK output too. It is an absolute requirement for
> printed output.

As software GIMP isn't defined by its developers through competition
against any other software. Hence GIMP dosn't aim to compete against
anything else, it aims to suit the needs of professionals.

> While we are on the topic of outputs, for years the PostScript output
> from Gimp has had default X and Y offset values of 5mm. The default
> should be zero of course. I used to go in and patch the source code for
> Gimp to zero out the offset defaults. Now I don't bother any more.

The trick was to report it and, since you already have the patch,
attach it to your report. Please don't expect developers to gain a
long distance control over your mind and scan it for complants on GIMP

Alexandre Prokoudine
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