Hi all,
Is it just me, or does gimp-1.1.13 break some parts of script-fu? Things
like the excellent wax-text and wax-seal scripts don't work any more, with
errors like:
 Script-Fu Error
 ERROR: unbound variable (errobj gimp-image-disable-undo)

I assume the script tries to diable undos [why would it do that?], but
the gimp isn't too happy with that. Here are my vital statistics:
gimp-1.1.13, GNU/Linux 2.2.10 [Intel], SuSE 6.2. Made with './configure
--with-included-gettext && make && make install'

Also, can someone tell me, did something break between 1.1.7 and 1.1.12
that made the SOTA Chrome script not work properly? It produced really
flat looking logos.

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