I'm having some problems using the "gimp_text_fontname" routine in Gimp 
version 1.1.10... I've tried several of the examples out (to no avail) such 

$font = 

$txtLayer = gimp_text_fontname( $img, -1, 0, 0, "Howdy!", 5, 1, 
xlfd_size($font), $font);

And I can only get this response (if anything):

"Error: gimp_text_fontname: procedural database execution failed at (eval 
22) line 1"

I'm assuming that the problem is in the way I'm using "font name" ($font) 
which is supposed to conform to the X Logical Font Description Conventions, 
thus I'm not quite sure if the above statement for $font is correct.  Does 
anyone know where I'm going wrong and how I may go about fixing this?  (Or 
at least lead me in the right direction so I can fix this problem?)

Examples of fontnames (conforming to X Logical Font Description Conventions) 
would be greatly appreciated too (since I don't really have any idea what 
they are...).



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