You may want to try using the guides. To place guides right click on the
left or top ruler and then drag a guide into the picture. You can fine
tune its position by using the move tool.

Now when you go to make your selection it will snap to the guides for
your crop(assuming this function is turned on which it is by default)

Your message is a little confusing, but hope this helps

Jakub Steiner wrote:
> I don't think it's a good idea to move the cropping selection on topright and
> bottomleft corner while scale it on the other two. I'd rather use alt for the
> selection movement. imagine having a huge image and want to make a precise
> crop. You would have two reectangles, one in top right and one in bottom left
> of the image. It is a pain to exactly position the cropping rectangle. You
> cannot alter the bottom left and top right corners...
> I solved the situation with two selections and crop from selection, but it is
> not quite right.
> Can I have your thoughts on that?
> jakub
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