Hi !

Although I should ask this question to the developerīs list - maybe
anybody knows an answer here, too. 

Since the last "stable version" 1.0.4, there have been added a lot of
new features to the gimpīs "unstable" 1.1.x versions. Some people
report no problems with a few 1.1.x versions, but most people (like me)
_do_ have problems and are waiting for a stable release (gimp 2.0 ?).

Do you know anything, if there is something planned in the closer
future? Unfortunately, I still have to work with the 1.0.2 version,
because even the 1.0.4 (which is no big difference to 1.0.2) has
crashed a few times. Iīd really like to use the "full" gimp power, but
I need this for productive purposes and need to work with stable

Thanks for hints



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