chris wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm searching for a method to create a round, colorered frame
> around images/photos using gimp. I can achieve this with the
> normal gimp-features, but only in a long and tedious way.
> Maybe there is a script for this task ????

You might want to try "Script-Fu->add border". This will give
you a new layer with the desired border. Next you should
select the border in that layer (select the transparent part
and then invert the selection) and apply the gradient-tool
to get whatever you want.

> I've attached a SMALL gif to show what I wan't to accomplish
> (except of the fuzzy border of the frame). I don't know if
> one is allowed to use attachments in this list, but mine
> is only 700bytes).

As long as they're *that* small, I don't care :)


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