Is there any way to bring the right-click menu up, through the use of the
keyboard, can this be done through a simple addtion to the personal
.gimprc file?

Thank you,


ps: got the 1.1.15 and got it all up after updating the glib, and gtk I
had.  As I only have a 486/DX100 with a hacked motherboard and 16M ram, it
takes ages to compile, so I left it to compile and went to sleep at one
point and in the morning was to find that the hard drive, which I use for
mounting /home had got full during the night.  Last night I left it 
to work its way in /tmp and this morning it way splendidly done.

Thank you, to all the people giving us The Gimp.

Could someone say if "normal" people may contribute towards writing stuff 
for the help files?

`Anyone who is disturbed by the idea of newts
in a nightclub is potentially dangerous.' Zappa

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