Quoting Alex Harford ([EMAIL PROTECTED]):
> Yes, please!  I don't do any development for the Gimp, but I do watch the
> developer's list.  If you can do any translations, Sven would really
> appreciate it.  http://sven.gimp.org/1.1/i18n.html for more info.  He
> doesn't watch the gimp-user list, so you'll have to get a hold of him
> through the gimp-developer list.

Thank you Alex.

Unfortunately the only languages which I speak and write in, well enough
are my native Bulgarian, and English.  I shall try to get organised and
commence on the bg po files.

What I actually meant the new help which has been added as of 1.1.15.  I
found the answer at a link from Sven's page: 
[ Changes in version 1.1.15 ] 
Arrival of the help pages. A first set of help pages for our new
online help system was added.  If you want to help Olof and Karin with
that task, contact [EMAIL PROTECTED] 

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