>>>>> "Marc" == Marc Lehmann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:


 Marc> X, yes, but not Xt based.

 Marc> I personally think that was an error (incidentally, the
 Marc> original Gtk+ author shares that opinion).

 Marc> Try something like this:

 Marc> export GTK_RC_FILES=$HOME/.gtkrc-`hostname`

 Marc> to get machine-specific customizations. It's different, but not
 Marc> bad ;)

Thanks for the suggestion.  Except that I need to use

env GTK_RC_FILES="${HOME}"/.gtkrc-${DISPLAY} gimp

because gimp (the client) is running on the same machine.

Oops, I forgot that my DISPLAY is unix:1 (or unix:0)

case x${DISPLAY} in
        # use hostname

What? CYGWIN doesn't like .gtkrc-hostname:1 as file name?  A couple of
more lines of shell script and I can use .gtkrc-hostname-1. Wow!  Now I
only need to figure out how to run cpp on all these GTKRCs so that I
can get ride of duplicate entries...

Maybe it is easier if we port Gimp back to Motif.  Anyone see my Motif
manual?  I hate that recycle bin :-)


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