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> Hi,
> I would like to run only gimp and its few components on a small
> computer. Could somebody tell me please, what's the absolut
> minimum-linux that i need. Is it possible to run Gimp without a
> window-manager?
> I have a Suse-distribution.

You will need a window manager, but you can use one with a low memory
footprint like FVWM (and its variants) that'll do all you need.

As for minimal, You'll need an X server (XFree86) for your video card, C
libraries (don't know what version of SuSE you're using, but I believe
you'll need at least glibc 2.0.7 (also called libc6), you may also need some
other support libraries depending on what you're doing with the GIMP in
terms of Script-Fu and also whatever SuSE needs as a base.

That should cover it. I may have missed something. But I would start with a
minimal SuSE install (does the installer have such an option?) and then add
the GIMP and see what it needs.


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