Am Mon, 07 Feb 2000 schrieb Sandip Bhattacharya:
> The bucketfill doesn't work without selecting an area first. And suppose
> I want to select the area INSIDE a triangle that I have drawn, I can't.
> Am I missing something? In PS one can use bucketfill to fill the
> transparent area inside a line drawing. Is this a feature or a bug in
> Gimp?
> - Sandip


Duplicate your transparent layer with the triangle and hide one of the two
layers. Now create a white layer and choose "Merge Visible Layers" in the
layers menu. Choose fuzzy select from the tools box and select the area by
clicking insite your triangle on the white layer. Choose what ever you want to
fill with (e.g. a color) and change to your transparent layer. Now take the
bucket fill and have fun.
Hope this helps

Cheers Olli

Oliver Bienert
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