Hi all,

I'm trying to enable the display gamma correction by putting
"(gamma-correction 2.7)" in "$HOME/.gimp/gimprc". "gimp --verbose" shows
that this file is actually read and parsed without errors.

However, the desired effect does not happen. gamma.tif still shows
a display gamma of 2.7.

I have to do manually Image->Colors->Levels gamma=2.7 to get the image
correctly displayed (but this changes the contents of the image).

If I do, for instance, "xv -gamma 2.7 gamma.tif", the image shows
a gamma of 1.0. How do I accomplish this with gimp?

I'm using gimp-1.0.4 on i586 Linux glibc-2.1 with XFree86-3.3.4 (S3-Server).


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