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> The dynamic linker asks for /usr/local/lib/libgtk-1.2.so0 but didn't find
> anything like libgtk* (wildcard) let alone libgtk-1.2.so0 on my system. Does
> gimp requires other packages than gimp-1.0.4-dist.tar.gz just to run it?

Yes the GIMP requires that either a) you get a gimp distribution that has
statically linked gtk libraries
or b) that you have gtk libraries installed on your machine.

> I got the soft via
> as SCO Openserver distribution. So I don't need to compile/link/make it
> right?

On the page listed above it says that "Most of these files require that you
install the Skunkware 7
graphics libraries package".  Have you done this?

Also, as quoted from the README at the above site:

Gimp 1.0.4 requires gtk+ 1.2.3. A pkgadd installable datastream of
gtk+ 1.2.3 is in this directory. In addition to gtk+, the Gimp requires
the glibs, xpm and freefonts packages - all of which are in this directory.

The installation order should be:


Have you done this?

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