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        It turns out that the Convolver Tool is what I was looking for.  I
tried the Bezier Tool and I just couldn't get the hang of it.  Maybe it
is an aquired thing?  What I am doing is blanking out the background
with a brush and then coping the picture and pasteing it into the other
picture.  From there I would go to the color selector and select the
background color and then do an Edit>Cut and that would get rid of the
background and leave the rest of the picture.  I couldn't get all of the
background out like that.  That is where the Convolver Tool made all the

        Thank you Phyllis and Sandip!  I have been trying to figure this out
for about a week.  For some reason it just didn't click until I read
your responses and now it all seems so simple.  I have already done
about 5 pictures in the past hour since recieving your emails.  

Thanks again!

Phyllis Davis wrote:
> Hi Brian-- My suggestion would be to:
> 1. Use the Bezier Selection Tool to select your girlfriend in the one
> picture
> 2. Next, feather the selection by about 5 pixels (right click and choose
> select>feather).
> 3. Copy the selection (Edit>Copy)
> 4. Paste it into the other picture (Edit>Paste)
> 5. If your girlfriend's coloring doesn't quite match the coloring of the
> folks in the other picture, correct her tone using levels
> (Image>Color>Levels).
> 6. If it still looks like your girlfriend is pasted into the picture, blur
> the edges a bit by selecting a small brush using the Brush Selection dialog
> box (Dialogs>Brushes), and using the Convolver Tool. (You can also try
> applying the deinterlace or despeckle filters (Filters>Enhance) to blend her
> in better.)
> Good luck!
> Phyllis
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> > Hello all,
> >       Could somebody help me out?  I am trying to cut a person out of one
> > picture and put it into another picture.  I used to do this with gif's
> > and web pages by makeing the background all one color and assigning the
> > color as transparent.   I am trying to do that in gimp with two seperate
> > pictures.  I have my girlfriend posing in one picture and I have taken
> > pictures of different places that I would like to paste just her on top
> > of the other pictures and have it look like she was actually there.
> >       I am current using gimp version 1.0.4.  Does anybody know
> > an easy way
> > of doing this?
> >
> > Thanks in advance for your help.
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> >              Brian Weber
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             Brian Weber
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