> I just installed the 1.1.11 (win) version and noticed that it set up the language 
>automatically to Swedish. I'm using Swedish keyboard and there are some Swedish 
>settings, but the windows is English.
> I found the language files, but I can not set the default language to English.
> If anybody has some idea, what shouls I do...

I don't know if you've got your reply, but I've got something to add so

AFAIK, Gimp - and the other gtk apps, and other apps too I guess, decide
which language to use by reading from the "environment variable" $LANG.

Now, try "echo $LANG".

Anyway, to override your default setting (LANG=sv), you could either try
with linuxconf, I think you can set it somewhere there, or just try to
override it by putting the line:


in your ~/.bashrc (or shell of choise), or another file that you know is
run before your X environment is set up.

If you only want english inside of Gimp, I think it should be possible to
run it as:

LANG=eng gimp

But now, I've got a guestion.
When I use swedish, the menus of my Gimp 1.1.11, most of them read
Thus, the menus are completely unuseable.

Anyone can tell me why, please?

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