Dear GIMP-user, 

I've upgraded my linux system from SuiSe 5.3 to SuSe 6.3 and therefore
the Gimp 1.0.?? to Gimp 1.1.11. For the use of true type fonts, I use the
gallium font server coming with applix ware. 

After the upgrage, I can see and use all the fonts previously installed
with applix, and can also view them with xfontsel, I also see them in the
text tool of The Gimp, but when I try to select them I get the error
message "the selected font is not available" (or something like this, my
system speaks german) 

some of the fonts making problems are arabia, bangkok, bookman old style,
braggadocio, britanic bold, brush script, casper open face... and a lot

What can I do ??

Thank you for any help

Dr. Cécile Hébert-Souche, Inst. f. Angew. u. Techn. Physik
TU Wien, Wiedner Hauptstrasse  8-10 A-1040 WIEN    
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