We want to use gimp to transform cartographic vector data into GIF
images for use in the internet.
However, the rights on the GIF format  are owned by Compuserve.

AFAIK, any software *producing* GIF images (such as  Photoshop and all
that stuff) has to pay license fees to Compuserve. The software user,
then , has got the right to produce ANY amount of images.

My question now:

a) Is this information correct?

b) what about GIMP? How is the license policy concerning GIMP? To be
concrete: We want to produce really HUGE AMOUNTS of GIF ( GIF 89a , to
be precise, NOT the OLD GIF87a ) pictures NOT AT ALL FOR PRIVATE USE and
don't want ot get any license trouble ...

c) If we need any extra license: where to get it and what does it cost?


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