Am Thu, 2 Mar 2000 schrieb Hubert Froehlich:

> AFAIK, any software *producing* GIF images (such as  Photoshop and all
> that stuff) has to pay license fees to Compuserve. The software user,
> then , has got the right to produce ANY amount of images.
> My question now:
> a) Is this information correct?
> b) what about GIMP? How is the license policy concerning GIMP? To be
> concrete: We want to produce really HUGE AMOUNTS of GIF ( GIF 89a , to
> be precise, NOT the OLD GIF87a ) pictures NOT AT ALL FOR PRIVATE USE and
> don't want ot get any license trouble ...
> c) If we need any extra license: where to get it and what does it cost?

a) and c) : Take a look at

b) You can't use gimp to produce gifs if you don't live in a country where
   the LZW patent doesn't matter.


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