Glenn Davy wrote:
> I don't have 'dynamic text'. I have version 1.1.4 - should I be upgrading
> to get this?
> Thanks
> Glenn

Yes ! I think it might not be a bad idea, Glenn. That version of The
Gimp seems to be old. But you can also try to add it by yourself.

With that plug-in, you'll have the ability to create a special text
layer witch will remain modifiable, ie: you'll be able to define the
color of your text, the alignment (left, right, center), the font, and
other pretty good stuff.

And if you save your file in Gimp format (XCF), and then again want to
modify your layer, you'll see that it remains possible !! That is great

I think you can find the plug-in @ Don't
forget to pick the one corresponding to you development version (the
name of the plug-in is "gdyntext").

Hope you'll find out !

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