I just downloaded the GUM, html version.
I read that the manual was very "resource
intensive".  So, I installed GUM on a machine

   256 Megs 6 nanosecond SDRAM
   Dual PII-350 processors
   SCSI HD, plenty or swap and free space
   SuSE 6.3, fresh install,
   Netscape 4.72
   Running only KDE, Netscape and one xterm

I then opened Index.html, and watched as
the system ground to a halt, and became
unusable.  Movements of the mouse were
lost.  I walked away, and 10 minutes later
the Javascript was finished.  A painfully
slow top showed that Netscape had requires
91 megs or RAM, and a hefty chunk of one
of the CPUs.

I appreciate that the manual is resource
intensive.  But exactly what type of system
do you have to own to get GUM *usuable* in
html form?  A Sun Enterprise 450 server?

Is there any effort to rewrite the search
engine (currently in Javascript) into something
more sane, like perl?

Or perhaps I did something wrong?


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