This turned into a lively discussion, including a couple of responses
direct to me.
Here's the situation.
There's a really neat font that gives a very clear display at 7 point. 
I'd like it very much.  But here's what it says:
Mini 7 was designed by Joe Gillespie. It's only a screen font, so it
doesn't have a printer font as all Type 1 fonts do. It is specifically
designed to be used at 7 points, or what we call "mouse type." Mini 7 is
great for captions or buttons on web graphics. In fact, we've used it in
several places throughout the FontSite. There are two versions--Mini and
Mini Tight--with different metrics. Mini 7 is Freeware and is only
available for the Macintosh

I downloaded it, but it's in that .hqx format.  I read at: I should be able to open
it, but I don't know how.  I have installed plenty of PS fonts, do not
use TT fonts, and would like to know if I can use this font (should I
ever learn how to unstuff the file).

Jim Clark
Informix Software, Inc.

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