I have a script written, which produces some (ok, about a few 100 :-) pictures 
with gimp, using the "net" call from Gimp Perl. Everything works fine now, I 
receive no errors, but after the script was running, I have plenty of gimpswap 
files (AFAIK one for every call of gimp) in my .gimphome ...

Here's an extract of this script:

sub net {
    $inner_box = $total_x - $o_border - $o_border;
    # Create a new image of an arbitrary size with 
    $img = gimp_image_new($total_x, $total_y, 0);



Script calls:

sub makeyamabmp
  use Gimp qw(:auto __);
#  use Gimp::Net;
  require Text::Wrapper;
#  Gimp::set_trace(TRACE_NAME);
  chdir "$pwd/$medname/$discid";
  for ($akttit = 1; $akttit <= $titnum; $akttit++) {
  chdir "$pwd";

Oh, the gimp version I am using is 1.1.11 - sorry, but it is not so easy to 
switch to a newer one as I am using sane and so on, which would urge me to 
compile almost the half of my graphics environment for new...

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