Joachim Ansorg wrote:

> Hi!
> I really like the GIMP.
> But it's unusable for large images (e.g. 2000x2000 pixels). My brother had to copy 
>one big image into another:
> -My home partitiion was completely filled (115 MB of GIMP swap)
> -GIMP used more than 60MB of RAM
> My PC is a AMD K6/2 300 MHZ and 128MB of RAM.

Hey there
I don't quite understand your statement, because I am using the GIMP to produce prints 
from my slides. I am
scanning whith a HP-Photo-smart scanner, and it's resolution is 2400 dpi, so a 
'normal' slide is aproximately
2400*3600 pixels.
I am working with a AMD K6/3 400 MHz and 128 Mb of RAM - that is fairly OK. but 256 Mb 
would be better, so the
machine is a little slow, but everything is working OK.
My guess is, that you have some kind of mis-configuration.
Mogens Jęger

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