Joachim Ansorg wrote:

> Hi!
> Which version of GIMP are you using?

I am using version 1.1.13 - (I have just changed from the RedHat distribution to 
Mandrake - what a difference), and
because I don't have a really fast connection for downloads, I use the version that 
came whith the distribution.

> I'm using newest CVS (GIMP 1.1.18).
> Perhaps 1.0.x is faster??
> But I really like the new cool features of 1.1.x :-)

You'r right - and I am really looking foreward to the 1.2.

> And if I remember right version 1.0.4 crashed more often than 1.1.18.
> My configuration:
>         AMD K6/2 400, wotking at 300 MHZ due to old motherboard
>         128MD SD-RAM
>         Enlightenment as windowmanager
>         GIMP 1.1.18 CVS
>         GTK+ / GLIB 1.2.7 CVS

Besides the little older version I use, are my system comparabel to yours - how much 
SWAP-space do you have? Once I
did chrash my system totaly, only by testing how many Mb of pictures I was able to 
load - it was not 'big' pictures,
and it just crashed, no warning, nothing at all.

> Perhaps the meximum image size I can set in the optionsdialog is the fault?

I have tried to set a really low value for the maximum size for a new file, and then 
opening one of my scans - no
problems. The I tried to increase the numbers - still no problem - by the way, I have 
tried to scan a 5-picture long
filmstrip in 2400 dpi - result a picture aproximately 2400 * 18000 pixels - everything 
works very sloooow but OK. I
tried to rotate it - after 10 minutes I gave up, would not waite any longer.

> Any ideas waht is wrong with my system?

Have you read the mail from Heiner Péter about RAM usage = needed for large photos? So 
try to give yourself some
more SWAP-space. In my new dist. I have 400 Mb SWAP.

> --Joachim
> >Joachim Ansorg wrote:
> >
> >> Hi!
> >>
> >> I really like the GIMP.
> >>
> >> But it's unusable for large images (e.g. 2000x2000 pixels). My brother had to 
>copy one big image into another:
> >>
> >> -My home partitiion was completely filled (115 MB of GIMP swap)
> >> -GIMP used more than 60MB of RAM
> >>
> >> My PC is a AMD K6/2 300 MHZ and 128MB of RAM.
> >

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