I'm trying to design a webpage logo - for my own page, nothing professional.  I
know exactly what I want it to look like but I can't seem to get there from

What I want to do is have a webpage background that is a gradient from light to
dark (running from left to right).  On top of that, I want to put the domain
name, bump mapped, beveled and drop shadowed (I can do without the last, if
necessary) and having a gradient that runs from dark to light.  What I want to
end up with is dark text on light background transitioning into light text on
dark background.

I can get the webpage background gradiant (very easy) and the logo on a
transparent  background (not quite as easy but I figured it out).  What I can't
do is put the two together.  If I save the logo in a www-able format, I either
lose the transparency (.jpg) or the color depth (.gif).

Can anyone help me?  Preferably using words of 1 syllable or less - definitely
newbie level instructions required.



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