Hello there.
I don't know, if my question is suitable for this forum - but here I go.

I have a Photo-smart scanner (fro HP), attached to an Adaptec 2940AU
SCSI-controller, and it works just great under GIMP/xsane.
Then I have bought me an flatbed-scanner too, and I was told that it was
a SCSI-scanner, though it had to use it's own controller (an ISA-thing)
- it works under windoze, but the Linux/GIMP/xsane won't recognize it.
In the sane-mustek.5 man pages, they state that ".... ncr810 based cards
are known to work fine ..." I don't know much about SCSI, so I woud be
happy to know, if others has experiences with that particular scanner
and other types of controllers, or knows where to by such a card,
because I have tried a lot of shops here in Copenhagen/Denmark with
negativ result. If anyone knows, if it is a matter of termination/cable
combination betwen the two scanners, that can solve my problem, then I
really would apreciate that.
Best regards
Mogens Jęger

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