I'm trying to use the Gimp 1.04 that came with RH 6.1 Linux.  First off,
I'm getting the message "script-fu not available: batch mode disabled"
at startup.  I've looked through the FAQ's and have figured out more or
less what script-fu is, but not why I'm getting this error message. 
What do I need to do to get this message to go away.

Second, I'm trying to open bitmap files and am getting the following
message:  "Open filed mybmp.bmp"  Electric Eyes is able to open these
bitmaps okay.  I believe that they are saved in the number of color just
greater than 256 (16k?), they are screenshots from MS-Windows that I'd
like to convert to .jpg's.  I downloaded the bmp plugin.  I then did a
make, and a make install.  Apparently, there isn't an install section in
the makefile, there isn't a README either.  At any rate, it appears to
make a bmp executable file.  Where should I put this file?

I get a similar message when I try to open .jpg files.  I can't find a
plugin for .jpg files though.

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