While that is correct that multiple processors are handled by the OS itself,
assuming this is the entire answer is incorrect. The Application itself has to
be written to take advantage of this function. Unless GIMP has multithreading
built into it, it will not take advantage of multiple processors, even if the OS

Brian Weber wrote:

>         The dual processor part is handled in the kernel.  I have a dual PII
> 266 Mhz which I am very happy with.  Linux does a great job handling the
> two processors equally.  I have done tests and my dual PII 266 goes
> about as fast as a PII 450 Mhz single.  Part of that might be because I
> am using an IDE drive and a 33 Mhz mother board.  Other than that I have
> been very happy with the performance especialy when it comes to doing
> graphics manipulation.
> Mogens Jęger wrote:
> >
> > Hey there.
> > I am planning a upgrade of my machine, so I am trying to find out, if I
> > can have any advantage of a dual processor system, because it actually
> > is cheaper with a dual Celleron 500 MHz as a 700 MHz Athlon/AMD or PIII,
> > and I have 256 Mb PC100 RAM, which will be to slow for these machines!
> > I have read the FAQ's on the Gimp homepage, but I can't find any thing
> > about support for multiple processors - does anybody know if the Gimp
> > support dual/multi processors?
> > Regards
> > Mogens Jęger
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