>I am planning a upgrade of my machine, so I am trying to find out, if I
>can have any advantage of a dual processor system, because it actually
>is cheaper with a dual Celleron 500 MHz as a 700 MHz Athlon/AMD or PIII,
>and I have 256 Mb PC100 RAM, which will be to slow for these machines!

If it is good quality RAM, it is not slow, I have a K7 700 with bus at 100
MHz (old MoBo) and runs fine, better than P3 with 133 bus. About cheaper, I
would have to check, 700 price is going down, it was down when I got mine,
so now...

>I have read the FAQ's on the Gimp homepage, but I can't find any thing
>about support for multiple processors - does anybody know if the Gimp
>support dual/multi processors?

One thing is true, if the OS can handle multiple CPUs, you can run multiple
process at same time. So if Gimp requests a X thing and then keeps working
at its own things, both will be done at the same time. Or if your machine is
multiuser (I have some that do that), or like to compile in background, SMP
is also good.

IIRC there was some notes somewhere about optimizng for SMP, so maybe some
tasks can use two processors. Plugins run as separate processes, that is
sure, so you can run two full speed things at same time (different images).
You could check the source or CVS for info (look for changelog files).


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