Hi Folks!

This is a *BIG* thank you to all of you in the GIMP community who were so
helpful while I was writing "The GIMP: Visual QuickStart Guide" (published
by Peachpit Press). It's a beginner/intermediate level book that includes an
8-page, full-color "GIMP art gallery" created by artists in the GIMP
community. Many of the questions, answers, and suggestions posted on the
GIMP list helped me target what was important for the book.

Since I receive author copies from the publisher, I'd like to give something
back to the folks on the GIMP list. If you'd like a free copy of the book,
I'll send you one. Just send me your name and complete snail mail address
(international addresses are okay). I only have 12 copies to give away, so
first come, first served. (:

Thank you all!

Phyllis Davis
Berkeley, CA

Author of "The GIMP: Visual QuickStart Guide" (published by Peachpit Press)

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