Hi all,

I've just finished writing a Scheme script-fu program that mostly
follows along with the tutorial at


I discovered that script-fu is easy, but finding documentation isn't.
To that end, I've tried to thoroughly comment my program at


I've tried to put in not only comments describing the Scheme calls,
but comments mentioning things where I got stuck, etc.  Slightly
unrelated to the code, but hopefully will save a few headaches out
there.  I'd appreciate feedback on how to improve it, too, if you
have any ideas.  Anyway, I thought that for folks who have gone
through the tutorial manually, they could then follow up on it
with this program.  It's probably not worth looking at the program
before doing the tutorial, though.  You really need to get familiar
with it, and making mistakes trying to do it is the best way.

Also, for those not interested in script-fu (but who probably aren't
reading this now, anyway!), the program might be interesting enough to 
use as is.


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