>> thats odd. that size should be fine. i work in film
>> res all the time (4kx3k) at 32bpp (yes, i know film
>> should be done at 48 or 64 bpp to prevent banding, i
>> only work this res for testing)
>can I see some references for these values? Seems that number
>is just climbing all the time. can the human eye distinguish
>more than 26-bit? Even at 4kx3k, you've only got 12million pixels
>that can be of different colours. 

It is for retouching purpouses. When you operate with computers, you have
quantization problems, if you use 8 bit per channel, in a few steps you will
discover that color that were different now are the same, or that due
rounding you get the wrong colors.

>(How do you see a 64bit picture on the monitor? ;-) )

You do not. It is just for internal ops.


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