--- "Guillermo S. Romero / Familia Romero"
> >Does GIMP have a Color dodge/color burn tool or
> >equivalent (like Photoshop 5)?
> Yes (at least the name is similar).
> >I'm running version 1.0.4 for IRIX, and can't seem
> to
> >find anything that works like the Photoshop tools
> do. 
> >Could they be under a different/weird name?
> Get 1.1.23 for it.

Where can I find this compiled for the SGI?

> >Basically, I'm looking to burn or dodge hues
> without
> >affecting the [saturation] of surrounding pixels.
> I think that is what Gimp's dodge / burn does.

Nope.  The existing Dodge/Burn changes everything: 
hue, saturation, and value.  I'm looking for the PS5
Color Dodge/Burn tools that only affects hue and value.

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