Your aim was to use the GIMP to crop the pictures, but did you try anything else?  I 
tried some
color related operations (color compose) and it returned "Compose: Image is not a gray 
(bbp=3)".  The bbp bit means bits per pixel (I think), and don't know if this has any 
real bearing
on what your doing.

I tried some other color operations, most return "<FUNCTION NAME> operates only on RGB 
drawables.  To me this suggests the GIMP doesn't like something about these files, 
rather than a
problem when saving.

You must tell me what the image is supposed to be, it doesn't look very recognisable 
to me.

My knowledge of the GIMP is not very deep, I'm not an image artist, developer or 
anything - I just
like playing with the GIMP occasionally.  Dave, you obviously know more than me but I 
hope my
suggestions help guide you in the right direction.

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