>So what I need to do is applying a stencil raster - you know, when your
>image becomes a collection bigger and smaller dots, lined under an angle
>of 45 ...am I clear? :-)

The name of the plugin you need is NewsPrint, IIRC.

>Although I just played with Newsprint, and it seemed to have reasonable
>results, I'd rather have the rasterizing of a layer to be a *display
>property* of a layer, rather than a filter; with a filter, you alter the
>image, but with a (what I call) display property, you only alter the way
>it is viewed.

That can not be done, you will have to keep two copies, the original and the
newsprint one. Each time you modify the original, rerun newsprint to get the
other layer.

>I'd like to hear your ideas upon this: how do you do this, how do you
>think it should be, etc.

Check Gimp 2.0 when it comes out (next years). Maybe it will have that
(plugins that auto apply, or layers dependent in others). While you wait,
the best you can do is an export script that runs the Newsprint, flatens
layers and then saves to a new name (so you always keep your original XCF).


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