While this is possible with gimp (perl-fu would do), I'd strongly
suggest you look at tools made for such tasks such as ImageMagick or
pnmutils.  These are commandline utils designed exactly for this task
and more, while gimp is more a "let the user play" type program.  If all
you need is conversion and none of gimps special features, look into the
above programs before gimp.

Seth Burgess

* Steve Hitchner ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) [000705 20:50]:
> Hi,
> I have over 1800 images that need to be processed. In short, these images
> are in TIFF format, I want to open them, resize them, from 2048X2668 
> pixels to 115X150 and save (same filename different extension) them as a
> medium quality JPEG thumbnail. I would prefer to somehow create a script
> so I can let the computer process the images automatically.  I have been
> playing around with the script-fu tool but can't seem to get a script to
> do what I want. I am completely new to gimp scripting and the whole
> "scheme of things" (any bowie fans out there =).  Maybe the perl-fu is
> what I need?  All the images are on CDs.
> thanks for any help you can offer, chao
> steve
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