I compiled GIMP from source, but there's no test.scm file there. I'll appreciate
if you mail it to me.

"Guillermo S. Romero / Familia Romero" wrote:

> >Does anybody know where can I get the description of all SF-parameters
> >which could be used in a script-fu scripts (SF-ADJUSTMENT, for
> >instance)? There are only 5 of them mentioned in Michael Terry's Black
> >Belt School of Script-Fu.
> Latest Gimp has some new SF-foobar. To complicate things, all distros I have
> seen do not come with the docs for it, but the source one does. Get it, and
> search for a file named test.scm (IIRC), it is a sphere script-fu, modified
> to show the new controls, and with comments about how they work. Did I said
> that I am starting to be feed up with incomplete packages?

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