Hello list,

 I am trying to compile gimp-1.1.23 under 
 IRIX 6.5.3 and the configure script gives
 me the notices below. I do have PDL and
 Perl-Gtk installed in /usr/local/PDL-2.1.1
 and in /usr/local/Gtk-Perl-0.6123, respectively.
 However configure is not finding them; maybe
 perl (5.005) is not finding them (?). Does anybody
 know what is going on?


Valmor de Almeida


linking ./intl/libgettext.h to intl/libintl.h
invoking perl for configuration...

WARNING: unable to use PDL (the perl data language). This means that
         normal pixel access is non-functional. Unless you plan to use
         Tile/PixelRgn functions together with PDL, this is harmless. The
         plug-ins using PDL, however, will NOT WORK and you can NO LONGER
         install PDL later. You can get PDL from any CPAN mirror.

checking for PDL support... no

NOTICE:  unable to use the Perl-Gtk interface. Many features (like
         Gimp::Fu) rely on this extension. You can build without it (and
         many scripts will be disabled or run with reduced functionality
         only), but it's better to install it (version 0.6123 or higher is
         required, you can get it from ftp://ftp.gimp.org/pub/gtk/perl/ or
         any CPAN mirror.

NOTICE: Parse::RecDescent not found, scm2perl, the Scheme->Perl
        translator, will not work. This is normally not a problem, since
        it is quite unimportant for most people.


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