> I am not an artist.  I just want to be able to turn 100k images into 10k
> images.  I understand this is very easy to do with Adobe ImageReady, an
> application that ships with PohotoShop 5+. 
> Is there similar functionality in gimp?   Even if it's not as easy, I'm
> willing to learn if there is a tutorial on optimizing the file size of an
> image.

use the development gimp (currently 1.2.24) for gifs, reduce the color
depth and experiment with different dithering options, but youll usually
get better file sizes with no dithering. for jpegs, you can tweak and see
the results in real time, along with the file sizes, the only thing it
cant do is compress differently for different parts of the image (slightly
blur the parts you would specify higher compression for, sometimes what
works nicely), for pngs, like gifs reduce the number of colors. pings
compress better than gif, so the only time you would need a gif is for
animation. (until we get mng)

imageready does not give you as much control as the gimp, but i wont be
surprised if the next version of photoshop has a similar jpeg exporter...

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