I was running gimp 1.0.4 (linux 2.0) and everything worked very nicely.

I upgraded to gimp 1.1.24 (still on linux 2.0), I had many problems. 
One of the big problems, for my purposes, was the Image>Colors>Hue
Saturation window.  Light and dark "worked", but changes to hue and
saturation were not noticed by the gimp, either in preview or for real.  

I blamed this problem on installing Image Magick and upgrading some of
the graphics libraries.

Now I am running gimp 1.1.25 (this time I have linux 2.2 and fairly
up-to-date libraries (tiff, ungif, jpeg, etc.) and I still am not able
to adjust hue or saturation.

I remember someone else having this same problem. Was there a

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