Well..... If you are wanting to resize the selection (the border thing) and
not the contents inside, you can use <image>/Select/Shrink... and Grow...
but that only makes a selection bigger or smaller, from all sides.  AFAIK,
there's not a way to simply "drag and resize" your selection, like you can
with other progs.

Please correct me if I'm wrong!

- Aaron

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Subject: How do I resize a selection?

| Sorry if this is explained in the manual somewhere, but I couldn't find
| it.
| How do I resize a rectangular selection?  Every other graphics app I
| know lets me resize a selection simply by my moving the mouse over a
| corner or edge, holding down the mouse button, and moving that corner or
| edge.  But not GIMP.  It insists on moving the selection.  Can someone
| help me out?
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