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> Everytime I start up my gimp, every single one of the perl-scripts
> complain about not reconizing the swedish $LANG, "sv"...gimp does, but I

This is a common problem with many distributions. Basically, neither
redhat nor suse (debian seems to have fixed this recently) do not come
with full locales for shortened locale settings (for example, LANG=de_DE
or even LANG=deutsch works, but LANG=de not, since there is no full de
locale), so setting the locale fails.

Arguably this is correct, since LANG=de (or LANG=sv) is not a full locale
specification (no charset, no country), which means it is unclear what
collating sequence (for example) should be used, so setting the locale

Since glibc translates messages (LC_MESSAGES!) regardless of wether a
locale was set or not it's not obvious that it failed (except for perl,
which complains), but every other locale aspect (character types, sorting
etc..) will not work as expected.

> suspect that all the errors and checking done by perl makes the
> startup-process take much longer than it has to.

However, this is only done once for each script and never again. After
that script-fu completely dominates the startup-time, so nuking that one
will decrease average loading time the most (if that is a concern for

> Anyone know of a way to fix this, or is the only solution to unset $LANG

You can either use a correct locale setting (try LANG=svenska, maybe or
LANG=sv_SV.iso8859-1), install a full locale (man localedef) or just
slience the perl warning (env. variable PERL_BADLANG=0). The latter is
quick way to silence the warning, but note that the locale still is
invalid and won't be used by perl or gimp or any other program.

Yet another solution would be to NOT set LANG (since this is the global
setting), but LC_MESSAGES only, since there *is* a message catalog for

More tips can be found e.g. in the manpage for perllocale under "LOCALE

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