> 1. Normally, I use brushes with certain settings,
Don't know. Usually brushes saves with certain default
settings. May be, it will be useful to create several
copies of brushes with different settings?

> 2. How do I add brushes? I took a quick look and it
> seems the format is not
> normal xcf's (or what's now normally used) and not
> even in the
> GIMP-formatlist(??)
Save it with the .gbr extension, and gimp'll bring up
appropriate save dialogue. You can read about brushes
creating in "gimp-manual"

> Also, is there any easy way to do vectorGFX? Just
> straight lines would make everything  much easier
I don't sure, I uderstand you right, but there are
several methods:
1. Holding "Shift" when drawing leads to create
straight lines between mouse-clicks.
2. Make path and use "Stroke path" command (ver.
3. Use Gfig plug-in (it's simple verctor-graphics
plug-in for gimp) 
> (I use them only as supportlines but the
> do quite a difference  anyway)
If these lines are verticalr horisontal, usage guides
is much more effective.

(Sorry for crappy english)

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